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Patch 8.3, Visions on N’Zoth, invites Players who have the latest WoW Expansion, “Battle for Azeroth” (BFA), to take part in the development of a new unique large-scale PvE format that is unlike anything seen before. Horrific Visions of N’Zoth are special instances where you have to complete various tasks and fight powerful Bosses.

Horrific Visions of N’Zoth are scenarios intended for passing solo (1 Player) or in a group (up to 5 Players), where the level of difficulty, including damage dealt and health of mobs, varies depending on the number of members in the party.

To get access to Horrific Visions, you must go through the storyline of the Black Empire Campaign quests from Update 8.3 until the final quest, after which you can begin the passage of Horrific Visions.

Inside these instances, you can get Gold, great Items, as well as level of your Ashjrakamas Shroud Resolve Cloak, which you will receive from Wrathion near the end of the Black Empire Campaign Questline.

Black Empire Campaign is a long and multi-stage questline, which is necessary to gain access to the new PvE Mode and without which you won’t be able to truly develop in the new 8.3 Patch and feel all its charms.

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