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Ozyboost.com provides coaching, consultation and boosting service in online multiplayer games such as: World of Warcraft, League of Legends, Hearthstone, Overwatch, Destiny 2, Dota 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

The Service can be purchased using these steps:
  • 1. Choose the service present on the website, and press “Buy Now”;
  • 2. Press the Cart icon at the top right corner of the screen;
  • 3. Check if the list of services/price in he cart matches the amount you want to purchase;
  • 4. Press “Proceed to Checkout” button;
  • 5. Fill in the form needed to process the order;
  • 6. Proceed to payment: we accept PayPal / Visa / MasterCard / Qiwi / Webmoney systems.

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Ozyboost.com makes no claim to the title for any of Unauthorized’s intellectual property and is merely acting as a third-party transferee of the property between the buyer and Unauthorized. Ozyboost.com claims no title to any intellectual property interests held by Unauthorized. Except those granted by Unauthorized no intellectual property interests are being transferred to buyer by Ozyboost.com from this transaction. Ozyboost.com makes no representations regarding the transferability, use, and ownership of Unauthorized intellectual property. Once payment is received by Ozyboost.com and Ozyboost.com’s services are performed, buyer shall take the Sites’s place as a user of Unauthorized’s intellectual property, but only to the extent permitted by Unauthorized.


No Unauthorized employees are permitted to purchase from this website or from us by any method. Buyer wholly assumes all risks and agrees to defend, hold harmless, and indemnify Ozyboost.com for any claims made by Unauthorized and others in relation to this transaction and the use of Unauthorized intellectual property. Ozyboost.com is not associated with Unauthorized in any way, and Ozyboost.com cautions buyer to avoid violating or infringing upon the intellectual property rights of Unauthorized. At the conclusion of the transaction, buyer assumes Ozyboost.com’s station merely as a licensee of Unauthorized to use its intellectual property and grants Ozyboost.com indemnity from the entire transaction. Unauthorized in no way endorses or is affiliated with this service or site.

Ozyboost.com agrees not to disclose to anyone the terms, conditions, subject matter, or identity of the parties involved in this transaction to any other party. Any disputes regarding these matters shall be resolved in Latvia. This disclaimer is intended for Ozyboost.com’s exclusive use


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The buyer (of services or merchandises) remains solely responsible for recording and safekeeping all the necessary and private information in case theft of an account ever does occur. This means, if spamming, making slanderous or libelous remarks, or threatening in any way is prohibited at all times if there is a problem with your purchase.

Due to frequent and increasing fraudulent activities experienced in this business, Ozyboost.com currently does not authorize credit card accounts and/or paypal accounts with unverified addresses and/or unconfirmed telephone numbers. Please be sure that when entering your personal information you double check all information and confirm it is current and accurate before submitting it. All unconfirmed/unverified purchases will be cancelled upon discovery, thus delaying the efficiency of the purchase/transaction. Please contact us using the Live Chat feature on the website, or with e-mail address listed on the website.


When ordering any service at Ozyboost.com, you, the customer, may be required to supply additional information. This may include a valid home phone number, faxed state id/driver’s license, and additional emails.

Due to the increase of fraudulent activities experienced in the virtual sales business, we do not authorize credit card accounts and/or paypal accounts with an unverified address or unconfirmed phone number. Please be sure that while entering your information, double check everything that you are going to send your order or us will be canceled.


Primarily, please first contact Ozyboost.com at info@Ozyboost.com if you have any questions or concerns regarding disputes. Any dispute against Ozyboost.com must be submitted to confidential arbitration in Latvia.

Make sure you read and understand our terms and conditions before you file for a dispute. All disputes can and will be taken care of by filing a complaint withinfo@Ozyboost.com if a collections dispute is filed, the charge will include the cost either paid for the merchandise, along with additional charges such as damages done, attorney fees, collection fees, and additional fees such as lost of sale, interest fee, and potential sales lost.


Ozyboost.com reserves the right to change any site conditions and policies with or without any prior notification to the clients and members. It is the sole responsibility of clients and members to pay close attention to any changes and/or adjustments to the clauses listed here in the terms and conditions. By purchasing any merchandise or service, you are automatically agreeing to the clauses listed here in the terms and conditions.


Ozyboost.com makes no claims to the title for any virtual items purchased through Ozyboost.com. Payments for Ozyboost.com are for our service not virtual items. All virtual items brokered through Ozyboost.com relating to the game are owned by their respective original licensors (e.g. Blizzard Entertainment) Ozyboost.com is in no way affiliated with the company listed.


We will refund 100% of the money if we fail to complete the service. Also, we will refund 100% of the money if the Customer asks for a refund before the order is in process. After we give the order to our employees for processing, we can only provide a partial (10-50% refund). Refund time may be up to 30 days from request time!