faq open - FAQfaq close - FAQWhat is Ozyboost?
OZYBOOST.COM is an online store, devoted to World of Warcraft professional players’ community that provides all the necessary in-game boosting services of highest quality.
faq open - FAQfaq close - FAQHow can I use Ozyboost store service?
OZYBOOST is classic representative of online stores with simple services system. All available boosting services you can browse in our catalog. To complete the purchase you should add the item to your cart and continue the payment.
faq open - FAQfaq close - FAQWhat if I’m not satisfied with my order?
We’ve gathered professional teams of players and community managers to offer our customers truly the best services among other WoW boosting communities. OZYBOOST carefully follows all replies left by our customers to permanently improve the quality of our services. But if you’re not satisfied with any of them, we highly recommend you to contact our OZYBOOST consultant to review the issue of discontent. If provided services failed to fit any of the stated features, we will fully or partially (depending on the issue and results) compensate losses.
faq open - FAQfaq close - FAQItems and accounts
We do not provide selling any of in-game items itself or currency – only boosting services for getting corresponding goals (achievement mastering, dungeons running and items farming). All virtual items related to the game are owned by their respective companies. OZYBOOST shouldn’t be associated with the mentioned company in any way.
faq open - FAQfaq close - FAQRefund policy
We grant full refund upon the request if the boost is unable to be completed from our side, as well as if the holding time exceeded the selected limit, posted on the web-site at the product description page. If the customer is up to cancel his order, full refund will only be granted, if there are at least twelve hours between the time of denial and the scheduled start time of the boost.
faq open - FAQfaq close - FAQCan I cancel my order?
Definitely. But you have to remember that any order should be recalled in 12 hours before the set time of it. All the necessary information about date and time of your raid you will get from our operator right after confirming your payment for your purchase.
faq open - FAQfaq close - FAQWhat if I can’t find what I need on Ozyboost?
No worries! OZYBOOST has a long history of providing custom services to our clients, so the only thing for you to do is to contact our consultants, describe needed service and we’ll accomplish exactly that one.
faq open - FAQfaq close - FAQPayments
We accept payments with Paypal and credit cards. Our operators book final spot for each of the customers after confirming the payment, so you should continue it to fully finish placing an order.
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