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Buy Azshara’s Eternal Palace Heroic


Here you can buy Azshara’s Eternal Palace Heroic. This mode will show that you are not afraid to accept a challenge. You get a chance to gain loot from the bosses in this raid that have forceful Azerite talents. Moreover, it’s an essential part of plotline of WoW. For true fans it will be a great pleasure to know more about WoW’s universe.


You are guaranteed to receive:

  • Powerful gear 430+ item level by your Specialization
  • Tons of Azurite to increase power of your Heart of Azeroth
  • All bosses slain (heroic mode)
  • Ahead of the Curve: Azhara – defeat Azshara in Nazjatar (heroic mode or higher, before the release of the next raid tier)


    • Attention! Due to the huge amount of questions about the loot drop, we would like EVERYONE to be informed that in Personal Loot mode raid it doesn’t matter how many players are the same armor type or saved for the run, these factors do not influence the loot drop chance. Each raid is formed from the order requests of the number extra boosters needed.
    • Attention! We do not guarantee any minimum amount of items for Personal Loot run with Don’t Need Extra Boosters option due to random personal chance drop. However we guarantee that you will get the next amount of items (depends on chosen options):
      • Add 1 Booster – minimum 2 items in different slots;
      • Add 3 Boosters – minimum 5 items in different slots;
      • Add 5 Boosters – minimum 7 items in different slots;
    • Attention! If you didn’t get them in first raid, we take your character again in raid for free till you got minimum amount of guaranteed item slots;
    • In case you got 2 items on same slot it counts as 1;
    • All items you got from bonus roll also counts;
    • In case you got 1 item on slot but it does not upgrade you, it counts in minimum guaranteed items amount;
    • Attention! Choosing Add Extra Boosters option, your and near groups (depends on chosen option) will be formed mainly from boosters that will be trading you the items;
    • Attention! You must understand and accept fact that loot system does not allow to trade items with item lvl higher then you have, the booster will trade you only items that loot system allows to trade;
    • Attention! Booster with 425 Item Lvl, means some of his items are lower than 425 and some of the items are higher than 425, but his average item lvl will be minimum 425 or higher;
    • Attention! Choosing Add Extra Boosters option, you agree that all Extra Boosters group will be formed from the list of same armor type classes like your. Same armor types mean – mail, cloth, plate, leather types;
    • Attention! You must understand and accept that with you in run may be other customers of same armor type like your that will not trade you any items;
    • Attention! The booster will use the spec that is most close to loot of your spec (Example: you are protection paladin and with you in group 2 warriors and 1 paladin. In this case warriors will choose protection spec and paladin will be prot);

How it works

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5. Together we choose a time convenient for everyone.

6. Our mighty warriors execute the service.

7. You enjoy it via a personal stream/spend a great time playing with us if “self-play” was chosen/forget about WoW till everything’s ready (depends on the type of service).

8. ???????


10. You leave us totally honest feedback to receive our love and good discount for the next boost trustpilot.

Our Advantages

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